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Remember, Love

What would you do if you forgot your soulmate?

Remember, Love

I’m Marine Recon. A scout sniper. And I’ve spent five years in hell.

Tortured. Imprisoned. Forgotten. Five years away from her.

Her name…I don’t know her name.

I only have a picture. With the words…Remember, Love. Her picture has kept me tethered to the light. I would never have survived without her.

Now, I’m coming home. I’m coming back for her. There’s nothing in the world that can keep me away.

A soul doesn’t have a name, and I don’t need to remember hers to know that she’s mine.

Spoiler: Get ready for a military hero, an amnesia romance, and a love that won’t stop. Salute your favorite military man and hunker down for a super steamy reunion and an epic happily ever after.

This book is a short steamy one hour read. Because let’s be honest, sometimes, quickies are best!

As always, Alexandra Banks books are fun, fast reads, with insta-love, steam, and happily ever afters that give you that romance read afterglow. Guaranteed! If you are looking for a book that gives happiness, sweet fun, and steamy romance then Alexandra Banks is for you.

This book is approximately 30,000 words. One to two hours of super-duper, steamy hot, sweet reading pleasure. That’s right, it’s quick. Because sometimes, quickies are best!