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Hard Drive

Hacker. Master Penetrator.

Hard Drive

She stole my hard drive and said she owned my a$$.

But now, she’s made a dangerous discovery, and they’ll kill to silence her.

The only way to protect her is to take her to my safe house. A cabin in the woods. Where no one can find us and I’ll have her all to myself. She needs me to save her, but I need her more. As her enemies close in, I swear, I’ll die to protect what’s mine.

This former Ranger has a mission: #protectwhatsmine.

Spoiler: This book is short, sweet, and full of heat. There’s firmware, RAM, massive bandwidth. We’ve got a former Army Ranger who has it bad for our lady hacker. He’s taken her to his cabin, and they are about to find out the real meaning of hard drive.

As always, Alexandra Banks books are fun, fast reads, with insta-love, steam, and happily ever afters that give you that romance read afterglow. Guaranteed! If you are looking for a book that gives happiness, sweet fun, and steamy romance then Alexandra Banks is for you.

This book is approximately 30,000 words. One to two hours of super-duper, steamy hot, sweet reading pleasure. That’s right, it’s quick. Because sometimes, quickies are best!